As part of the Home Energy Audit, Momentum will work with homeowners to offer reliable, prioritized, energy efficiency suggestions based on your homes existing needs.

Momentum evaluates the home from top to bottom:

  • Attic & Crawl Space Insulation Inspection
  • Mechanical Inspections (heating, AC, water heating, and appliances)
  • Blower Door Test (testing for leaks)
  • Infrared Camera
To most, replacing windows and an HVAC system with a newer more efficient one is the only option for saving money. Momentum can provide you with cheaper options that have a faster return on investment while lengthening the lifespan of your expensive home equipment. An energy audit is a cost effective, efficient way to determine energy saving methods for your home. Momentum can educate you on recommendations you should prioritize to improve comfort, save money, and reduce pollution. Each home and its occupants are unique, Momentum will work with you to help you understand your home as a system and all its interacting parts. For more information on energy audits, check out


After completing these inspections and tests and pinpointing which areas of the home are losing the most energy, Momentum will discuss how to prioritize your home improvement projects to reap the greatest energy savings. In addition, Momentum will show you ways to use less energy on a daily basis and provide information on any current rebates or incentives.
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